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In this modern era small to large companies have found significant value in empowering their employees – especially through soft skills training and development. Unfortunately, there are few regulations governing the quality of different training programmers for skill development and productivity of employees and often companies don’t get to have much input into the direction . Our customized training strategy will able to set satisfactory level of requirement. Our various proven subject ranges will cover current requirement of organization.
Being certified NLP practioner , Life coach , business success coach , NLp sale Specialist I can understand the requirement of organization and provide hundreds of subject spectrum to corporate organization we had conducted various training progmams at various cities of India like Hydrabad, Nasik , Kolhapur etc
Also we had finished full year contract at ISO based company LUBI water pump, Ahmeadbad , 1 year at Waterman Pumps sanand following are the subject on which we had provide satisfactory training to sales and management rank officials and various staff


Power of Concentration

Holistic Time Managment

Conflict Managment

Assetrive Comminication

Sales and Marketing

Anger Managment and Control

How to Cick Start Your Creativity

Stress Managment

Leadership Skills with NLP

Team Building with NLP

Decision Making & Problem Solving Skills

Presentation Skills

Selling Skills

Customer Service Skills