Vimal Shrimali

Dear Mr. Rajesh, At the outset, I sincerely thank you for such an enriching training session you have conducted for our staff. Overall feed – back is very good. All participants liked your presentation skills, content. You made it more interesting and interactive. We are expecting many more such training from experts like you.

Vivek Kansara

I know Mr. Rajesh since last 15 years. From the  first  day I met him to till today I noticed that he is a complete personality package of “Politeness, Highly Enthusiastic, Concentrated and deeply  involved in his work, Always Co-operative with Positive attitude”. I found him Very Rare combination of Spirituality and Professionalism both together.…

Dr. Mukesh Shah

Rajesh Bhonkiya is a man with wonderful skills. He is a gifted soul. Salute to his extra ordinary computing skills from Microsoft Excel, Adobe Photoshop to Project management.  He is a best mentor as  to every student. As soft skill trainer, corporate trainer he is doing best of best. for him  best wishes  to continue his…

Abhimanyu Jaiswal

राजेश सर जी ने मुझे 1600 km दूर से सिखने के रास्ते को सिखाया जिसका उपयोग कर मैं आज अपनी ही नही बहुतों के जीवन में रोशनी ला रहा हुं, आपकी वेब डिजाईनिग, पावर पाइन्ट  भी लाजवाब है , आपका सहयोग हमारे लिए भटकते राही को राह दिखाने जैसा है , आपका बहुत – बहुत…

Kartik Patel

Mr. Rajesh  Bhonkiya is a training champ. If I have to describe in one sentence then I would say he is Rahul Dravid of training and soft skills (Technically sound and composed). It\’s always great working with him and wishing him good luck for future.

Bhumika Bhavsar

It was a great training experience in learning Designing and Publishing softwares with Mr. Rajesh. He was able to make all the trainee involve in the process equally. The knowledge he shared, out of his experience in industry, helped me a lot in understanding many concepts related to design and skills and the industry as…

Lalit solanki

Mr Rajesh bhonkiya – is excellent trainer which one could imagine. It was wonderful to study and upgrade knowledge under him. In current time we can imagine for trainer but he puts his heartily efforts behind each student is the diffreciation factor. He is the guru of training technology. Best wishes to him to continue…

Dr. Shailesh Thaker

Services and creativity is of par excellence level. Mr. Rajesh Bhonkiya is dedicated, committed and creditable. i am delighted to note his most in time services which had help me in moving forward my projects.

Pravinbhai Bhimajiyani

Rajesh is from which I belong i.e.same town which though very small,all credit goes to him for putting it before this world at large by web site suggest you to visit this. He serves all persons of same town before all of you. I recommend his generous effort.He is very much useful to us.